Thursday, December 29

Jazzy thinks liberalism may be a mental illness

Chloe was very meditative as she approached Jazzy and said, “Jazzy, I am flabbergasted by how many liberals are upset because President Bush authorized the spying of terrorists telephone calls from overseas into the U.S.A. This could prevent literally millions of Americans from being killed, and there has not been a single reported incident of an abuse of this authority that has affected anyone’s freedom. Yet these liberals are outraged. Amazingly, these are the same people who were all for the socializing of medical care in this country a decade ago. Had it passed it would have had severe consequences on the freedom of everyone that would ever need a doctor. This of course would have been everyone. Where was there concern then? Jazzy, I do not understand liberals, do you?” I, your perplexed, Jazzy Cat had to admit that I did not understand the illogical reasoning of liberal thinking. After a brief moment of meditation, I said to Chloe, “Chloe, I really think that liberal thinking is so inconsistent and contradictory that it is a mental disorder much like schizophrenia? Maybe someday they will find a cure because these people are so filled with anger that it can’t possibly be healthy.”

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