Tuesday, December 20

Jazzy educates Chloe on cat/human psychology 101

Chloe finally woke up after sleeping nearly all day yesterday. She said, “Jazzy Cat, do you think WH and DH are trying to tell us something with all those new scratching posts they have placed around the house?” I, your humble Jazzy Cat, responded with as much sensitivity as I could muster, “Yes, Chloe, they do not want us scratching on the carpet and furniture and that is why we have all these scratching posts. We should comply most of the time but not all of the time. Obeying their wishes all of the time sets a bad precedent in that they will expect total obedience all of the time on more and more of our activities. Pretty soon we would be acting like common dogs and seeking to please them at every turn. Chloe we cannot live with such a relationship as that so we need to disobey them occasionally, and it is important to show real displeasure when they correct us. It is called cat/human psychology 101. It separates us from dogs and the amazing thing is that they love us for it.”

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