Saturday, December 31

Jazzy on football

Chloe asked Jazzy, “Jazzy Cat do you like to watch football on T.V?” Jazzy replied, “I, your agile and mercurial Jazzy Cat, do not care much for football because of the discrimination by humans against felines playing the game. The speed and moves we have would simply be too much for humans and our larger cousins (lions & tigers) would be rather awesome at opening holes for running backs. It is obvious that we could make gazillions of dollars and a team like the Detroit Lions would take on a whole new personality.” Due to her character flaw, Chloe immediately thought of a class action lawsuit. She said, “Jazzy why don’t we see if the Sleaze, Grime, Smut, Crumb & Associates law firm could help us secure our civil rights so we could play football?” The process of sanctification is indeed plagued by backsliding. So, I approached Chloe slowly and slapped her upside the head with my paw. My meaning was clear…. Feline dignity does not allow us to stoop to such human folly.

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