Monday, December 26

The Honorable Mr. Sleaze receives judicial appointment

Chloe was literally out of breath as she came running up to Jazzy and said, “Jazzy Cat, I just heard on the local CBS affiliate WLIE-TV that the Honorable I.R. Sleaze has just been appointed to a judgeship by our Democat Governor U.O. Cash. He is to fill out the remainder of the term of the recently deceased Judge D.O. Wright who was respected and loved for his honesty. Governor Cash said in the interview that Mr. Sleaze had an outstanding record as a lawyer fighting for the rights of the little man. Jazzy, he is really going to sock it to us for our comments about him this past Friday.” I your humble and streetwise Jazzy Cat responded, “Au contraire Chloe, Mr. Sleaze will be up for election in a couple years and the last thing he wants exposed is the real truth about his supposed help of the ‘little man’. He does not want that issue to see the light of day because, while his ambulance chasing frivolous lawsuits have helped an extremely small percentage of working class people, He has harmed the overwhelming majority of them by causing higher insurance rates. The inevitable results of junk lawsuits are higher insurance rates for homes, vehicles, health, etc. This is a bad day for everyone that pays insurance premiums as a former ambulance chasing trial lawyer like Mr. Sleaze will make his court a venue shopping gold mine for his trial lawyer brethren.”

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