Wednesday, December 28

Jazzy tells Chloe about Senator Porkie Drum

I, your humble and supreme feline, was very proud of the way that Chloe was progressing under my expert tutelage. Today, she asked me if some of the legislation that was passed by the U.S. Congress was full of back scratching projects. I simply referred Chloe to the current U.S. budget that contained 2 billion dollars for a bridge to nowhere in Alaska. Alaska’s Republican senator Porkie Drum has fought long and hard to get the bridge in the budget bill. The senators and congressmen that deliver these kinds of projects are honored in their home districts for ‘bringing home the bacon’. Unfortunately for taxpayers the bacon comes right out of their freezers. The really alarming thing is that ultimately it could effect the quality of the bacon that we felines receive for our most excellent service. Now this hits close to home and they have the nerve to call us cats ‘cunning’.

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