Saturday, December 17

Jazzy explains the need for discernment of information

Chloe approached Jazzy and said, “Jazzy Cat, you have done a great job of exposing exactly who and how irrational some of these radical activist are in the last two days. They are anti-American to the core and the information directly from their websites proves it. You have also explained why the liberal mainstream media does not expose their entire radical agenda, since they agree with many of these activist causes. Do you think very many hard working American citizens realize the propaganda and manipulation that these organizations are successfully accomplishing with the aid of the MSM?” I, your scholarly Jazzy Cat, told Chloe, “I think they are able to propagandize an alarming percentage of people with the aid of the MSM. However, there are many sources available especially on the internet that are exposing these agendas. It is up to every person to be sure that they are discerning about all of the information they receive. That also applies to religion and Christianity as we will discuss tomorrow.”

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