Wednesday, December 14

Chloe and Jazzy sue University of Kentucky

Chloe reported to Jazzy that she had heard from her lawyer the honorable I.R. Sleaze (see Nov. 12, 2005 post). She said, “Jazzy Cat, I know you do not like Mr. Sleaze, but he has an idea that could net all of us some really big bucks. He said that the University of Kentucky’s athletic teams are called the wildcats. Teams that have insensitive ethnic related mascot names such as Braves, Warriors, Indians, etc, are already under fire according to Mr. Sleaze. Therefore, a team that suggests that cats are wild is the ultimate insensitive and derogatory team mascot. He proposes suing them for several million dollars on our behalf with a settlement plan that would allow us to have royalties on all of their ‘wildcat’ merchandize sales such as hats, shirts, etc. If that is successful he says we can get guard dog Chief a bulldog for an assistant and then go after Mississippi State. What do you think?” I, your humble Jazzy Cat, just shook my head in disbelief and slapped her upside the head. My meaning was clear… Tell your ambulance chasing Mr. Sleaze to go take a hike with all due apologies for being insensitive to hikers.

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