Thursday, December 8

Jazzy Cat offers character advice to human beings

After meditating on my conversation with Chloe cat about crisis management, it occurred to me how many crisis events could be eliminated if humans would be more interested in their character traits instead of being concerned about having a falsified favorable reputation. I am pleased to report that we cats care passionately about our personality and character and have little regard for seeking approval and having a misleading favorable reputation. For example, when I your humble Jazzy cat am lounging in my window enjoying the view and WH and DH come home, I can be true to my character and continue to enjoy my view and ignore them, or I can be as phony as a three dollar bill and run over to them seeking approval and a good reputation. The choice is sincerity and truth verses a shallow fraudulent misleading display intended for reputation enhancement only. Sincerity will always be the choice that we magnificently created cats will take.

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