Thursday, December 15

Jazzy Cat exposes stupidity of socialism

Chloe slept in today as she was depressed over how much the lawyer I.R. Sleaze was able to manipulate her. So I, your humble and supremely gifted Jazzy Cat, did a little web surfing and came across some photos posted on ‘Little Green Footballs’ of the anti-death penalty demonstrations a couple of days ago in California. One of the groups demonstrating was the International Socialist Organization. The following two paragraphs are contradictory quotes from their website where they acknowledge that capitalistic U.S.A. enjoys fantastic wealth yet blame the misery of millions of people world wide on capitalism:
"The misery that millions of people around the world face is rooted in the society we live in--capitalism, where the few who rule profit from the labor of the vast majority of the population.
In the U.S., a tiny proportion of the population enjoys fantastic wealth, while millions of people live in desperate poverty, and many more live paycheck to paycheck. Yet we have the resources to feed, clothe and educate everyone on the planet."

I realize these people are not on a first name basis with logic, as is your humble Jazzy Cat. But, using their own conclusion, it would logically follow to me that maybe the world needs more capitalism, and freedom of their own not the failed economic system of socialism…. You know kinda like the U.S. is attempting to do in Iraq.

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