Monday, December 19

Jazzy explains real motives of insensitivity complainers

I could not believe the news that Chloe had for me. She said, “Jazzy Cat, we heard from the University of Kentucky and they offered a compromise on their use of ‘wildcats’ as a mascot which insults us felines (see Dec. 14 post). They said they could change the name of their football team to the ‘mildcats’, but they really want to keep the name ‘wildcats’ for their basketball team. They said they would donate one dollar for every point they scored in basketball to the animal rescue league to make up for the feline slur.” I, your humble Jazzy Cat, once again am amazed about how people think that this type of complaint that was filed by our former legal representative, Mr. I.R. Sleaze, is really about us being truly offended. Let me spell it out for all you ‘diversity & sensitivity’ activists who seek to be politically correct, all-inclusive and inoffensive… It is not about being offended by most of those who claim to be offended; it is all about seeking money, power, promotions, publicity, political advantage, sympathy, legislation, etc. Get a grip folks. My much less intelligent feline sister Choe understands this.

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