Thursday, January 12

National veterinary care ‘continued’

I continued my explanation to Cuffy by saying, “Cuffy, about twelve or so years ago this country almost passed a disastrous National Health Care plan for humans. This centralized plan would have severely limited the freedom and right to choose in such things as doctor selection, access to specialists, tests, procedures, etc. Centralized planning would have controlled the placement of Doctors, the number of specialists trained, the procedures and tests that would be allowed, the patient age and condition that treatment would be curtailed. In short there would have been a massive loss of freedom that patients now enjoy. Waiting periods for serious planned operations would probably have resulted as they have in other countries with socialized medicine. Cuffy, I shudder to think what would happen to small animal care if such a plan were implemented for vet care. You could forget that kidney test we had. The wait would have been terrible with even more crude dogs sniffing around our kennel. Capitalism and the free enterprise system will provide the best medical care system and vet system as it does with all other goods and services.” For the devilish details check here:

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