Monday, January 2

Jazzy explains criminal profiling to Chloe

Chloe approached the supremely knowledgeable Jazzy Cat with a question, “Jazzy, I have noticed that liberals and the ACLU are against profiling in all kinds of investigations and preventative law enforcement operations. What exactly is profiling?” I, your humble Jazzy knew that the best way to explain things to Chloe was by illustration and example so I said, “Chloe, do you remember the time we were playing with that mouse by slapping him around and then after he died we left him under the computer. Well, in spite of the fact that we had three dogs living with us at the time, WH and DH believed that we were the guilty parties. That is profiling and if they had wanted to prove it they would have started their investigation with us instead of the dogs. Now liberals and the ACLU would have wanted the dogs to have been equal suspects to us so as to be non-discriminatory and they would have started the investigation with the dogs.” Chloe had a look of disbelief when she said, “But, Jazzy that would have wasted a lot time and resources and any fool knows that a house with dogs, cats and a dead mouse has the modus operandi of felines written all over it.” Jazzycat link Stop the ACLU

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