Tuesday, January 10

Jazzy and Cuffy get annual vet exam

My sister Cuffy and I, your humble Jazzy Cat, had our annual visit to the vet yesterday. This was such a traumatic experience for both of us, as we were exposed to the company of all kinds of strange dogs, some of which had the nerve to come sniffing at our port-a-pet kennel with disrespect. A few well-timed hisses took care of this insensitive breach of etiquette. Things only went down hill from there as we had our first senior screening exam. This required a blood sample and Cuffy is so fat that the Doctor had trouble finding a vein. It took him about ten minutes as he finally had to shave a little spot to find one. He shaved a spot on me as well, although I really don’t think it was necessary. At this point, the down hill plunge only got steeper as the Doctor weighed us and confirmed what was all too obvious. Absolute rock bottom came when the Doctor told WH and DH that we would have to go on a diet and be given strict portions instead of the 24/7 “all you can eat buffet” that we have learned to love. Life can indeed take some unexpected and unpleasant turns.

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