Thursday, January 26

Jazzy detects intruder

After WH, DH, and Cuffy had all gone to bed last night, Jazzy Cat discovered an illegal alien in the form of a mouse in the bathroom. That would be an undocumented resident to those with liberalism disorder. Jazzy, called to Cuffy for backup with a sound that WH had never heard before and he immediately thought that she might possibly be in great pain. WH and Cuffy responded and after the lights were turned on, WH spotted the intruder. Due to this interference from WH in a feline law enforcement activity, the mouse got away. However, Jazzy and Cuffy were in predator mode for the rest of the night and the intruder would be wise to vacate and re-locate or face serious consequences. Since WH is not a PETA member, there will not be an endless number of resolutions demanding that the intruder leave before these serious consequences are carried out.

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