Friday, January 6

Jazzy and ACLU clash over evolutionary theory

I, your humble Jazzy Cat, learned today that the ACLU (see Jan 3 post) has now decided to harass me on another front because I have several times referred to having nine lives. Since I home school Cuffy, they are alleging that I am going against evolutionary theory by claiming to have nine lives. They say belief in nine lives is a religious concept and must not be taught even in a home school environment. Since they appear to have won this battle in public schools, they are broadening their thrust and need a test case to see if they can successfully impose their secular world-view thinking directly into homes. They are alarmed by the increasing number of Americans that are home schooling their children and they want to engage them in the courts where they have unlimited resources and a record of intimidating those they sue.

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pappy said...

Jazzy Cat How dare you turn away from the ACLU. The Against Christain Liberty Union only wants to help you.
Vist my blog and see all the conservative blogs in California, we are out there. God bless