Tuesday, January 3

Jazzy confronts ACLU about torture

Chloe approached Jazzy as she was meditating in the window and said, “Jazzy Cat, the ACLU has issued a complaint against us because yesterday we admitted slapping a mouse around until he died. They say we were engaging in torture.” I, your humble but brilliant jazzy cat, responded to the complaint and explained to the ACLU that mice were terrorists that were in our home illegally and were intent on causing destruction and conducting biological warfare with the ability to bring contagious diseases into our home. As we were gathering intelligence into their past activities and future plans, we slapped him a little hard and he died. I then proudly told them, that before he died, he revealed valuable information that should make our home safer. They were angry and said the mouse deserved better treatment and an activist lawyer similar to Ramsey Clark to represent their interest. I told them to go sniff some catnip and try to get a better grasp on reality and the dangers we face from terrorism. A Jazzycat recommended site: Stop the ACLU

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