Wednesday, January 18

Cuffy asks about Senator Needmo Integrity

After watching the news, Cuffy asked Jazzy Cat, “Jazzy, it has just been revealed that Senator Needmo Integrity (see Jan. 13 post) has been discovered to be a member of the ‘Hooters Club’ which bans women from membership. In light of the fact that Senator Integrity had just given Judge Alito all kinds of verbal abuse for an alumni club that he was in that was supposedly anti-women, what do you think?” I, your discerning Jazzy Cat, replied, “Cuffy, Senator Needmo Integrity has a long history when it comes to his treatment of women and also has questionable character traits. In this particular situation, he said he was not a member anymore, but continued to pay dues of $100.00 and then said he was going to get out as fast as he could. In other words he was paying dues to a club he was not a member of and since it had been exposed, he was going to get out of what he was not in as fast as he could. If it is loyalty you want do not look Needmo Integrity’s direction. The Senator has always loved his happy hour. What a guy.”

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