Thursday, January 5

Cuffy wants to get cosmetic surgery

After Cuffy finished her fancy feast brand fish and shrimp dinner this morning, she happened to notice the reflection in the mirror as she walked by. She was stunned and immediately ran to Jazzy and said, “Jazzy Cat, I have really put on the weight and I need a major makeover. I think some liposuction, and possibly cosmetic surgery or at the very least botox treatment is needed. What do you think?” I, your permanently composed Jazzy Cat, replied, “Cuffy, sometimes that cosmetic surgery and botox stuff goes wrong. Some of those Hollywood stars cannot even smile due to the botox injections and stretched skin. I believe it has been stretched so much on some of them that a cut on the chin would cause their skin to roll up like an old fashion window shade.” Cuffy responded, “Jazzy, I hate to bring this up, but I believe you could use a tummy tuck yourself. Maybe we could get a package deal.” After a long pause and a cold hard stare, I slapped Cuffy upside the head with my paw. My meaning was clear.......Request denied!

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