Saturday, January 28

Jazzy refutes illogical pluralism claim

Cuffy said, “Jazzy, what do you think of the religious pluralism that many humans seem to be embracing.” I replied, “Cuffy, one form of religious pluralism means to accept other religions’ beliefs as valid. This is kind of a relativistic PC tolerance (see Nov. 2 post) which is totally absurd. While all religions may contain some common ethical teachings, they have serious core differences in theology. Each claims to have the truth that is not shared by the others. Logic and reason would assert that it is possible that they are all wrong. This is a logically possibility. It is also possible for one of them to be correct, but it is not possible for two or more to be correct let alone all them. To slaughter logic and reason in the name of sensitivity, diversity, multi-culturalism, PC tolerance is to abandon rational thought.”

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