Tuesday, January 24

Jazzy explains hate crimes part 2

Jazzy continued, “There are several problems with making motives for a crime an additional crime. Since the motive of hate makes a specific crime worse because of the hate motive, then it would logically follow that hate without an accompanying crime would also be a crime. From this point it would be a small and obvious step to making hate speech a crime. The loss of freedom of speech would result because to speak in opposition to any cultural mores and group values could and would be labeled as hate speech. In the USA, there are accepted politically correct positions and values about some very controversial activities. If a person disagrees with these accepted positions, it is not unusual for that opposition to be labeled as motivated by hate. For example, to be against same sex marriage is to hate homosexuals and to label a religion as false by other religious faith traditions is considered intolerant and hateful in today’s culture. Even without hate speech laws, the point has already been reached where employment and job security depends on a person either adopting politically correct positions or remaining silent on certain issues. Fortunately cats do not have to endure the manipulation and brain washing that is characteristic of human behavior.”

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