Monday, January 9

Cuffy asks about the “right to choose”

After watching the cable T.V. news, Cuffy asked Jazzy, “Jazzy, I heard this lady talking about how a woman should have a right to choose what to do with her body in deciding whether to have an abortion or not. This raised the following question in my mind. When we were unborn kittens in our mothers womb, were we part of her body or were we separate entities?” I, your humble and brilliant Jazzy Cat, was once again pleased with Cuffy’s question. She had rebounded from her worldly concern of improving her appearance via cosmetic surgery to giving thought to a very serious matter of life and death. I said, “Cuffy, we were separate entities with separate DNA’s and our litter brothers were even a different sex than our mother. Had we been aborted, we would have never been the tremendous blessing to WH and DH that we are today. The real right to choose that lady was referring to was the right to choose to kill an unborn infant. This truth is so repulsive that it is repackaged as a privacy health issue about a woman’s body.” For more see photo meditation #36 Abortion

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