Thursday, January 19

Cuffy suggests ‘Democats gone wild’ website

Cuffy approached Jazzy with an idea to make a gazillion dollars. She said, “Jazzy Cat, I think we could start a web site, call it ‘Democats Gone Wild’ and feature video of all the absurd things they say. For example, just this week New Orleans mayor Rant Nutty said that God had told him that New Orleans was going to be a chocolate city, former VP Ax Goon said that America had become a police state under Bush, and Senator Hardly Coherent of N.Y. said that the House of Representatives was being run like a plantation. What do you think?” Well, I your great and scholarly Jazzy Cat, replied, “Cuffy, while it is a great idea, the work involved in keeping up with their lunacy would be overwhelming and would cut into our valuable meditation time. The really scary thing about their rhetoric is that they are appealing to their base who accept their bull without any proof. This begs the question, what is the intellectual capacity of this base.”

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