Tuesday, January 17

Jazzy Cat on reducing health care costs, continued

Jazzy continued, “Cuffy, another reason costs are so high is due to the fact that in most cases the patient (person receiving the service) does not actually pay for the service directly. His insurance, medicare, or some third party is actually paying the bill. Therefore, the person receiving the medical service being rendered has very little interest in the correctness of the charges on the bill, whether all the tests are really needed, and if there are any overcharges. Yet this person has the most knowledge of these factors. Seems to me, a mere Jazzy Cat, there needs to be a system in place that would give the patient an incentative to keep the bills as low as possible even if a third party does the actual paying. A medical savings account program has been proposed that would do that, but I am sure there would be other ways, some of which might even satisfy liberal thinking. Cuffy has just started snoring so I will continue later.”

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