Friday, January 20

Jazzy Cat explains absolute truth

Cuffy reported to Jazzy that the local newspaper had an article about an author of a book on religion who said in his book that, ‘absolute truth claims were a sign of corruption in a religion’. Cuffy then asked Jazzy Cat, “What do you think about such a statement?.” I, your logical and level headed Jazzy Cat, said after some research, “Cuffy, since this author is the head of the Department of Religion at a major university and a Baptist minister, I find the statement odd in that the Bible is full of absolute truth claims including many by Jesus. It would logically follow that he does not believe absolute truth exists to make such a statement. If there is no absolute truth, then the truth claims he makes in his book must also be corrupt and unreliable. That makes his book worthless and the humans who believe this gobbley-gook and buy his book absolutely goofy.”

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