Friday, January 13

Jazzy nauseated by democats at Alito Confirmation hearings

Cuffy informed me that she had heard our ole friend Lefty Leaner formally of WLIE-TV had gotten a reporting job with ‘Agendaweek’, a national weekly news magazine. Cuffy said that Lefty’s first assignment was the Alito confirmation hearings. So I, your scholarly Jazzy Cat, watched some of the hearings to satisfy my world famous curiosity. It was nauseating to watch the democat senators attempt to impugn the character of this outstanding man. Perhaps the most disgusting display of this arrogance came from Senator Needmo Integrity (his feline name). His moral and ethical failings are well documented. Senator Imso Smart would have probably been as bad, but he loves listening to himself so much that his interrogation time was cut short. Then Senator Soonersmirk, Senator Dirtybin and the gentle sounding Senator Fineswine brought their venom and insults. I wonder what Edward R. Murrow would have thought of their McCarthyism tactics of guilt by association. These people do not want an honest judge that interprets and applies the law. They want a judge that will further their personal policy preferences and treat the Constitution as a living and breathing document which is liberal speak for stretching the meaning as much as necessary to implement these preferences. They will attempt to slander and personally destroy anyone who does not espouse their policy preferences. They have done it before successfully and unsuccessfully. Policy preferences should become law by legislation not judicial decree.


Terry S said...

Hey, Jazzy Cat,

I haven't forgotten you. I just had a couple of things to get into cyberspace of my own which, I'm sure you will find enlightening. There was also that ugliness regarding earning a living that I had to tend to.

I may say more on the Alito hearings on Rupture, but admittedly, I was not able to take in much of the hearings.

I do believe that it is the job of the opposition to pose critical questions of the likes of any Supreme Court candidate. Do you imagine that were the situation reversed, that the Rs would have been any less tough in their questioning? This is politics after all, on the highest level - which is to say, the most ruthless.

Judge Alito may well be a fine man, and will likely aquit himself honorably as a justice on the SC. His approval to the court is likely a lock. But, you should understand that those who look at the American experience from the left have concerns about the future of the court. As court appointments are, essentially, for life, the likes of Alito and Roberts - especially as they are relatively young - will have an influence on our jurisprudence for decades.

Just a note. While we obviously differ widely in our beliefs regarding politics, god, religion, and the like, I certainly applaud your interest and passion. I won't intrude on you too often, but I will take you to task (as I'm sure you will me) from time to time. Maybe, with time, we can find some common ground, maybe open each other's eyes to something we had not considered. Who knows?


jazzycat said...

Hello Terry,
I have been following your posts. I hope when you visit jazzycat you will look ovet the posts as they will in some cases be responses to your points. I can not disagree with your take on the hearings. I just wish the Rs would do a better job of doing what the dems do. I think Ginsburg was confirmed 96-3 which did not show much opposition to her. Your post on the TV show Daniel was right on. I will add a few more comments over on your site.