Wednesday, January 11

Cuffy proposes a national veterinary care plan

I, your humble but special Jazzy Cat, cannot believe how much the bill was for the checkup that Cuffy and I received yesterday. We did get the special senior screening checkup a couple of years earlier than recommended because WH and DH love us and wanted to get a report on our kidney functions. Cuffy said to me, “Jazzy Cat, with those kind of vet costs, doesn’t this country need some kind of national vet care plan?” I replied, “Cuffy, the system we have now is expensive and is not perfect, but free market competition provides us with the ability to choose our own vet clinic and get excellent service, excellent access, plus the choice of obtaining any test or procedure we want such as the kidney test we had. We have five or six clinics within a few miles and one of these specializes in felines only. There is great freedom in our vet system to provide whatever care is deemed necessary by pet custodians and Doctors. Tomorrow, we will look at what vet care would look like if a national plan with centralized planning from Washington D.C. were implemented.”

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