Monday, May 8

Jazzy tells about Cuffy being trapped

I cannot believe what my sister Cuffy got herself into last night. After W.H. and D.H. got in from church, they acknowledged me as they usually do by saying, “Jazzycat how you doing. Have you been taking a little nap.” Well after a little while they noticed that Cuffy wasn’t asleep on the bed where she spends about 80 % of her time. They started looking for her everywhere. They looked under the bed, in all of the rooms and even went outside and looked, but to no avail. Well D.H. decided to go straight to the ole ace in the hole gambit and started hollering, “Cuffy, treat turkey lurkey." Still there was no sign of Cuffy anywhere. They then remembered that she sometimes liked to pull bathroom cabinet drawers open and get in them for a different place to nap. Cuffy is a equal opportunity napper. Sure enough they found her in a bathroom cabinet drawer. They thought it was amazing how she was trapped and yet remained silent and made no effort to alert someone to help her out. Then they started to speculate on how the drawer got shut. I very slowly and nonchalantly eased out of the room as I knew where logic would lead that line of thinking.
See March 18 post for photo of Cuffy in a cabinet drawer.


BugBlaster said...

Thanks, Cats! You're bringing back fond memories of the adventures of dear departed Fluffy and Chase cats.

jazzycat said...

W.H. does say that Cuffya and I bring him a lot of joy.


Anonymous said...

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