Wednesday, May 24

Jazzy defends Lewis the Cat

I could not help but hear during my nap on D.H.'s lap while she was watching Fox News that there is a feline brother in Connecticut by the name of Lewis that is in a bit of legal trouble because he allegedly attacks humans. To my knowledge there is no DNA evidence linked to his paws. I think this may be a case of an over zealous D.A. pandering to the canine vote with a total disregard for the evidence. The accessor's scratch marks could certainly have come from sources other than Lewis. Stay tuned as the feline community attempts to get a high profile protest march organized complete with a professional activist such as Jesse Jackson.


marybishop said...

Jazzy -- you are indeed the cat's meow! Lewis lives in my state and I've seen numerous pictures of him and he's a babe!

I think he's being discriminated against because he has six toes, a physical anomaly I've always found quite attractive.

All cats and cat lovers must ban together to support such a handsome boy kitty...poohpooh on the crabby lady who insists on his death.

Anonymous said...

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