Saturday, May 6

Jazzy does some research on 'Big Gambling'

As I your humble Jazzycat was looking around the web today, I checked out how much money is lost in Mississippi casinos. Mississippi has casinos along the Mississippi River and the gulf coast. It was interesting to note that the coastal casinos, which were wiped out by hurricane Katrina, had 106 million dollars in August revenues. This figure fell to zero for Sep, Oct, and Nov. They started back in December and had 11 million in revenues.
In the last complete year before the hurricane, Mississippi’s casinos had 2.7 billion in revenues. This comes to over seven million dollars per day in lost money by our citizens. I wonder what the totals must be for the entire country. Why do we never hear the term ‘big gambling’ when we hear of businesses that make huge profits.

As the former basketball player mentioned on my last post has found out, it is very misleading to call this activity gaming or even gambling. There is no chance involved in gambling for the ‘big gambling’ operators. They are going to win billions this year. They have always won and will always win. As long as gravity will cause an apple to fall from a tree, so to will mathematical advantage insure without question that ‘big gambling’ will win. The proverbs tell us:
As a dog returns to its vomit,
so a fool repeats his folly.
Now this is the advice that this former basketball player should have gotten from his agent instead of foolishness. This is the advice that people should be getting in general and especially from the clergy. There is sadly too much silence from pulpits on this subject.

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