Thursday, May 18

Jazzy and Cuffy discover illegal aliens near home turf

Cuffy and I were outside our home yesterday when we ran across a young mouse near our deck area. This probably was a mouse from the same extended family of mice that have been entering our home illegally during the past few months. Guard dog Chief sleeps so much these days and probably does not care that these illegal intruders are entering our home. I know they just want a better life for themselves, but Cuffy and I are not willing to share our food with what could become an enormous number of mouths to feed and a total disruption to our whole way of life. I think we need to beef up our perimeter so that illegal mice cannot cross uninvited into our home. I know that PETA will probably object to this plan, but I believe that feline security depends on our household getting a firm handle on this problem and doing it immediately.

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