Monday, May 1

Jazzy admonishes Cuffy for calling Miss. State University an Ivy League college

Cuffy said to Jazzy, “Jazzy today’s photo reminds me of what a Chapel at an Ivy League college must look like. You know W.H. went to an Ivy League college.” I responded to Cuffy with compassion and said, “Cuffy, you fool, Mississippi State University is not an Ivy League college and I think W.H. would consider it an insult to call MSU an Ivy League college.” Cuffy asked me why and I explained to her that most of the Ivy League schools had become politically correct left-wing propaganda institutions where free speech that does not fit their agenda is discouraged. Faculty members and even college presidents that do not conform to accepted thought are fired. No Cuffy, Miss. State is no Ivy League college.

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