Sunday, May 28

Are there false prophets today? Part 3

Justification is by grace alone through faith alone in Jesus Christ alone. In the reformed view, the Holy Spirit initiates this process by regenerating a sinner that is dead in sin. Being born again is the term used for regeneration and it comes from God with power and enables a person to willingly come to Christ and salvation through faith. This saved sinner has been so transformed and changed by God that he will now, through the power of this continuing grace, lead a life that has a new direction and focus. He will still sin and be far from perfect, but fruit will result. This is the message of Eph. 2:8-10 and verse 10 is called sanctification. Literally hundreds of other verses teach about sanctification.

Yet, when orthodox Christianity affirms this doctrine of sanctification, some modern day false teachers accuse them of teaching a works salvation. However, by denying sanctification always happens, they are denying the power of regeneration by God. Therefore, this theology holds that while fruit should and may result from a salvation of faith alone, it may never happen and a person may not be changed at all. The so-called carnal Christian is the result. You can be truly saved, but have no desire to follow or be a disciple of Christ.

Jude warns about these false teachers.

The following quotes are from a sermon by Dr. J. Ligon Duncan III of First Presbyterian Church in Jackson, Mississippi on the text of Jude 5-16 titled The Contradiction of Unrighteousness:

We’ve said several times now that Jude is writing this letter out of a concern about the influence of certain false teachers. These false teachers, he tells us in verses 3 and 4, are on the one hand teaching cheap grace. They’re teaching that a person can be a Christian and live in immorality. The two are perfectly compatible……..

But the fact that they are teaching a grace that does not lead to a changed life and that they are denigrating Jesus, our Master and Lord, lets us know how incredibly timely this letter is for today. Jude is writing to problems 2,000 years ago which are still rife around us…….

There are many people today who are very happy to convince you of the safety and security of your spiritual condition and yet encourage you in immorality and loose living. We live in a day and age of license and antinomianism. People want God without rules, without responsibilities, without obligations. They want Christianity without commitment. They want the benefits of Christ and salvation without the cost of discipleship…….


bluecollar said...

How timely. It is only a matter of time before we see how far this movement spreads. After reading how they respond to Romans 8:28 I hope not very far.

Isn't it amazing how they can read something into a verse that no one else can see? How telling.

jazzycat said...

Mr. Bluecollar,
That is interesting how they do that and you would think that if it took jumping through hoops all the time to explain a system, then maybe the system itself is flawed.


Anonymous said...

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