Friday, May 26

Are there false prophets today? Part 2

No repentance required. No discipleship needed. No life changes necessary. Sound familiar. The theology of the Free Grace movement is to advocate the very things that Jude warns about in verse 4. The faith they believe in is man generated and seals one's ticket to eternal life. The regeneration they believe in has no power and thus no change in a persons life is a possibility that is acceptable. In fact it is held that no fruit may never occur over a long life, but a profession of faith (lip service) is all that it takes to secure eternal life.

Yes regeneration is required, comes after faith, and comes from God, but oh by the way it may be ineffective and accomplish nothing. It is required, but it does not have to accomplish anything. When a theology is built on nonsense rather than a systematic foundation, then such nonsense as this results. Repentance would be a work, but somehow faith is not a work. Just as Jazzy fits in the shoe above, this theology is what Jude 4 is warning believers to avoid.

More from Dr. Ligon Duncan's sermon on Jude 3-4.......

Jude is saying, ‘Here’s why I’m writing to you. There are people in your own congregation,’ he says, ‘who have the name Christian, who say that their teaching is Christian, but they’re leading you astray. They’re teaching you false things. They’re teaching cheap grace. They’re denying Jesus Christ.’ And, of course, that fulfills what Jesus Himself said to His disciples. When you look around and see false teachers in the church today, rejoice! Cheer up! It’s a proof that Jesus is divine. Jesus told His disciples that there would be false prophets in their own midst. Paul told the elders in Ephesus that wolves, ravenous wolves would come up even from their own number who would hairy the people of God. And so Jude reminds us of this. He says, ‘Look, there are godless persons already among you. They’re subtle, so be on the lookout. And these godless persons,’ he says, ‘they’re pre-condemned. God’s already passed His verdict on them long ago. So you look at them from God’s perspective. Yes, they’ll say that what they’re teaching is true and good and helpful, but it’s not in accord with the apostles’ teaching. It’s not in accord with Scripture, so you be on the watch. And you assign God’s verdict to them, not their own verdict to themselves.’


ambiance-five said...

Amen Jazzy. Regenerated to what?

Amen to praising God for the Lord's prophecies coming to pass also.


jazzycat said...

Thanks for the comments. Good point. Biblical regeneration comes with power and a changed life always results..... Not perfect, but a true disciple of Christ.


bluecollar said...

"Biblical regeneration comes with power and a changed life always results..... Not perfect, but a true disciple of Christ."



Anonymous said...

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