Thursday, February 15

Where's Al Gore when you need him

Jazzy has been suffering from cabin fever due to the unseasonably cold weather. She has asked me to request that Al Gore come to our town and release some of the enormous amount of hot air that he seems to have in abundance. He would even be allowed to show his propaganda film, "A convenient lie" if he could just blow some heat on our town!

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Jonathan Moorhead said...

Al Gore

Terry S said...

You know Jazzy, I saw Al Gore's film. It's pretty convincing. The evidence is strong. Obviously, I think your take on global warming is wrong.

Nothing new really. Just thought I'd let you know I stopped by.


jazzycat said...

Thanks for checking in.
Propaganda can be convincing. I've laid out my objections, including where I personally caught them in the propaganda of using false illustrations to support their view. (see global warming posts under Jazzy's feline musings) Sooooo if they would be agenda based in that faulty illustration, then I think it is pervasive in their total presentation. In my book that makes it propaganda.

Mr. Gore himself has stated that it is alright to exaggerate to make the point.....

I hope you thaw out from that global warming soon.


Dawn said...

LOL Jazzy. I believe global warming is happening right now. We're about 1 degree warmer than we've been since we've recorded temperatures. Having said that, I don't believe this warming trend is anything with which we need to be concerned. I believe the earth's temps run in cycles and we just happen to be in a warm one. I don't believe we are in any danger of destroying the earth.

Gore is an alarmist propagandist. His alarmism is way more dangerous than any global warming we might experience.

jazzycat said...

Thanks. Your comment is right on. I read just yesterday where a Meterologist at MIT has recently rebuked the Gore propaganda.