Friday, February 9

Romans 8:12

Romans 8:12 So then, brothers, we are debtors, not to the flesh, to live according to the flesh.

Unfortunately the thirst in America for gratification of the flesh through worldly goods has made millions of people debtors. The discipline of people living within their means has become a thing of the past in tens of millions of families. Items that were considered luxuries four or five decades ago are now considered necessities. Here in verse 12 Paul tells Christians that they are debtors but not to the flesh. Christians have no obligation to pursue worldly goods and pleasures of the flesh with reckless abandon because Christians have their minds on things above that are eternal. Those that believe you should go for the gusto because you only go around once are debtors to the flesh, but Christians are debtors to God for the great salvation they have through faith in Jesus Christ. They do not owe a debt to earn salvation as Jesus Christ paid for it on the cross. No, Christians owe a debt of gratitude, love, and praise for such an amazing grace.

Grace brings sinners to God and grace is with them for the entire journey.


friendsareagift said...

Hello, I just stopped by to view your site and say God Bless You.

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Steve said...

Great thoughts about debt. You're right about bad debt and the proper Christian debt.

Dawn said...

Yes, our debt is gratitude, love and praise!

jazzycat said...

I believe all three of these will be seen in Christians as a natural response to grace.