Monday, February 26

Romans 8:20

Romans 8:20 For the creation was subjected to futility, not willingly, but because of him who subjected it, in hope

When the fall of man occurred in the Garden of Eden, the entire creation was subjected to decay, death, calamities and futility. The animal kingdom did not willingly participate in the fall, but it suffered as a result of the sin of Adam. The beautiful fawn, in the photo above, is just a few months old and there is plenty of food and a pond for drinking water to sustain it and its mother. However, they live within the city limits of a large city and have only about 25 acres to roam before encountering some serious problems. While the photo above appears to be serene and peaceful, it was taken about 150 feet from a major four-lane highway. Vehicles have hit at least three deer within 1/8 of a mile of this photo location in the past year. Deer that are located out in the country have more freedom, but they become vulnerable to being hunted for sport. The plight of this creature is just one example of the futility that animals face in our fallen world.

While many secular humanists believe that man can make everything right in this world for humans and animals, the Bible reveals that this is wishful thinking. Praise God that the creation will be renewed one day by God and the animals and deer will be a thing of beauty to behold.


Shiloh Guy said...

And C.S. Lewis thinks they will be able to talk to us! What do you think about that? I'm withholding my view until I hear yours!!!


Craver VII said...

Shiloh Guy, yes; they'll say, "Please don't eat me. No, no! Aaaaaa..."

Just kidding. I don't think we will be slaughtering any more tasty animals for food. Of course, that means it will be impossible to have an authentic Elvis sandwich in heaven. (sigh)

Seriously, the talking part is not something I have considered, but I don't think they will be afraid of us anymore. And they won't bite, gore, sting or spit.

jazzycat said...

Dave and Craver,
That is interesting to consider. I've heard R.C. Sproul say his has hopes to see a German Sheppard he had in heaven.

I believe this passage in Romans certainly indicates that fear and hostility will not be a part of heaven even from animals as Craver said. I have often thought of what a joy it would be in heaven to be able to communicate with Jazzy in some way. I would think the answer to Dave's question might be yes.

Adam and Eve did not seem to be spooked about the serpent speaking before the fall even though it was Satan's words. Would that have indicated animals speaking as a normal occurance in the garden?

Dave, It is your turn to weigh in.

Shiloh Guy said...

OK, fair is fair. I'll give you my thoughts.

You already touched on my first passage. It certainly seems to me that serpents must have been speaking animals or else Adam's and Eve's first thought should have been, "Wait a minute here! Animals can't talk! Something strange is going on!"

And what about the part where God brought all the animals to Adam and not one of them was found to be a suitable partner for him? How could any of them have even been considered if they couldn't talk to him?

Some animals seem to have the physical attributes of speech (so I have read) so the inability to speak must be found somewhere else. The curse?

Of course, this is another moot point but I think the New Heavens and New Earth will be populated by animals that will be able to speak to us humans! And we will all live in peace together!


jazzycat said...

What a peaceful and glorious thing to meditate on.

Even So... said...

Heaven will be grand in ways we cannot fathom at all...

jazzycat said...

Thanks for the visit and thinking of how grand it will be should warm our hearts.