Wednesday, February 21

Romans 8:18

Romans 8:18 For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.

The photo above shows a replica of the inside of an early one room American cabin. The suffering that the early Christian settlers experienced from disease and death was extensive and hard beyond our imagination. They came to America to escape religious persecution only to find a suffering of another kind. The early Christians during the Apostle Paul’s time also suffered greatly and many, like Paul, gave their lives for being believers in Jesus Christ. In this verse, Paul tells us that these sufferings, as great as they were, are not worth comparing to the glory to be revealed to Christians. Paul is affirming that even the greatest downside to being Christian in this world is nothing compared to the upside that will be seen in the eternal kingdom of God.

Praise God for this glorious fact and pray that we may remain faithful to Jesus Christ, no matter what persecution and suffering comes our way. Pray, also, for our brothers and sisters in Christ where such suffering and persecution is an ongoing reality.


Steve said...

I think there is more virtue in suffering than there is blessing in prosperity.

Even So... said...


bluecollar said...

Jazzy - I want to encourage you to keep up with the photo meditations. They are so edifying!

Craver VII said...

Ditto to what Mark said!

jazzycat said...

Steve, J.D., Mark, and Craver,
Thanks for the comments and encouragement. Let me assure you that all of your blogs minister to me in many ways as well.

I guess I have a good reason to take a road photography trip soon and expand my collection. However, Jazzy and Cuffy do not like being left at home alone since their service is greatly diminished with only my son looking in on them once a day.

Scribe said...

We've not so much as "learned" the Lord until we've suffered with the Savior

1Pe 4:13 But rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ's sufferings; that, when His glory shall be revealed, ye may be glad also with EXCEEDING joy.

Shiloh Guy said...


One thing I have learned for certain: When by God's providence we encounter suffering, there is no place to go but to him for comfort. Thus, it is often through suffering that he draws us ever closer to himself.

My late wife endured more twenty brain surgeries over 17 years of battling recurring tumors. She steadily lost what people refer to as "quality of life." What do people know about quality of life? The quality of our lives were infinitely enriched as God drew us nearer and nearer to his heart. She came to call her tumors "God's love gifts" because she experienced God's love more through her suffering than she ever did before. Romans 8:18 was one of her favorite verses and she quoted it almost every time she spoke to groups.

How can we know his faithfulness is new every morning until we are brought to the place where we really need it?

Thank you, brother, for your thoughts.

Dave Moorhead

jazzycat said...

Thank you for a touching, inspirational testimony. It’s not always easy to bare and share the wounds of our own life story. But, I’ve no doubt that when someone is able and willing to do that, it blesses the life of any person privileged to be in the presence of courage born of God’s amazing grace. It helps to remind us that Christ is our portion, and great is His faithfulness.

jazzycat said...

Thanks for stopping by. I believe at your young age you will probably see a significant increase in persecution of Christians in the USA before you reach retirement age. That is the current direction for sure.

Shiloh Guy said...


I don't know how this fits in with prophecy concerning the eschaton (which we have been discussing over at The Moor) but I couldn't agree with you "moor"! (Sorry!) I see official persecution of Christianity right around the corner here in the USA. Churches who refuse to ascribe to an official line of "tolerance" for a number of things will probably find their tax-exempt status removed. Individuals who will not sign on to tolerance issues will not be allowed to hold government jobs of any kind. Then the unions will probably get into the act and Christians will be excluded (just as they were from the ancient guilds). Any kind of work that requires government licensing and bonding will be prohibited. Then the government may well confiscate church properties because of our "illegal" positions on various things. And that will be just the beginning. The "unofficial" persecution will follow and the government will stand idly by and not get involved as Christians first find themselves discriminated against and then ultimately personally abused.

I may be a little old to see much of this take place but I am sure praying for my kids and the younger people in my congregation!

jazzycat said...

Absolutely. All the politically correct manipulation and enforcement procedures are already in place. As Bill Maher said recently and I quote, "I don't like it when people tolerate intolerance."

The bottom line has always been that whoever controls the power of establishing PC standards will decide what is to be tolerated and what is not to be tolerated. Currently that is secular liberals who have a disdain for true practicing Christians. Therefore, intolerance toward Christians is acceptable. All that is needed is the teeth that you have predicted will happen and I agree.

I have written several pieces on this subject on this blog. Anyone interested can just search tolerance