Sunday, April 22

Global Warming Hysteria

Jazzy and I were amazed when we saw this global warming singer activist say that all the cool weather we have had this April was due to global warming. If that wasn't enough to insure her complete lack of creditability, she went on to say that global warming was causing breast cancer to be worse. Dick Gregory of MSNBC did not question her a bit on this assertion. I hope cooler heads will prevail before we dismantle our economy and spends trillions of dollars to try to lower tempatures 0.2 degree C. The Coral Ridge Ministries broadcast has been running a series on this hysteria and it is worth checking into before buying into this agenda driven propaganda...........
BTW, Jazzy says if you think her carbon footprint is large, you should see Al Gore's
We will begin a new series on the next post


jazzycat said...

Here is the actual quote from the activist:
CROW: We heard an amazing mayor from Arlington, Texas the other day, talking about how global warming is going to affect our health, and it‘s very astounding. And that‘s something that‘s not being addressed. And this bill that we are trying to get passed with the Breast Cancer Coalition, which is a fabulous organization, is looking at the environment, and what kind of play it has in breast cancer. And hopefully that will become the model for looking at all diseases.

That‘s one area—we can go into laboratories and look at genetics, but we‘re not looking at the environment. And there is no denying that the environment does have a large play in disease, and we‘re going to see it coming up as global warming gets worst. I think our message really is not to be defeated by what we are seeing and reading. It‘s to get involved and try to stop what is happening or slow it down.

Bluecollar said...

Holy hanging chads!

donsands said...

I saw a bumper sticker yesterday driving to church. It said, "Who would Jesus bomb?".

I thought, He already bombed Sodom and Gmorrah, sort of, and He's going to sort of bomb this whole earth one day: "But the Day of the Lord will come ... the elemnets shall melt with fervant heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up. ... the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved," 2 Peter 3:10-12

I don't mind speaking about global warming, but lets talk about God as well, and His thoughts on this.
It's His earth, not ours. Though we are responsible to care for it.

jazzycat said...

Good point. My next series of posts are going to begin with Rom. 1:18 and after showing the bad news, I want to skip to Rom. 3:20 for the good news. As you point out, the trend in Christianity today is to ignore the bad news and just talk about love and temporal concerns.

On the D. James Kennedy Coral Ridge Hour, they had experts that refuted the propaganda that the "left" has mobilized to force feed this country. For example, the so called green house effect is primarily caused by water vapor and clouds rather than CO2. CO2 amounts for around 5% of the green house effect. One expert pointed out that the radical environmental movement believe that an earth with no human beings is the ideal. Yet these people are the tail wagging the dog in our government.

jazzycat said...

Just in from the global warming activist.............
Singer Sheryl Crow has said a ban on using too much toilet paper should be introduced to help the environment. The exact quote....I propose a limitation be put on how many squares of toilet paper can be used in any one sitting.

I am not making this up. Go to Drudge and follow the links. That's just what we need, toliet paper police.

Shiloh Guy said...

Jazz Man,

You might delete this comment because it is so "secular" but I would highly recommend reading Michael Crichton's "State of Fear" on the subject of global warming. I couldn't put it down. (I read it on my day off so I wouldn't steal time from my theological reading!)

I agree with donsands. OUR God created this earth and he cares about our stewardship of it. I think he made that point abundantly clear in the early chapters of Genesis. I, for one, don't want to release my responsibility to a bunch of godless people who would have no idea what God wants them to do with the earth! So, what should we do?

jazzycat said...

Absolutely. My skepticism of this leftist movement does not mean I am not interested in responsible stewardship.

I am amazed at the percentage of people who believe such obvious propaganda. To go from the warnings in the 1970's of the coming ice age to global warming in twenty years just says it all to me.

I will have to check that book out.

donsands said...

One thing we as Christians need to remember, and that's not to trust the scientist in this world.
It's many of these same scientist who would have us believe we evolved from apes.

They have it all nailed down.
And yet, if you think about it a little: two monkeys having a baby, and that baby had just a little less hair, and then two other monkeys had a baby with a little less hair, and then these two little less hair monkeys ... Oh never mind.

We surely, as Christians should never be timid about science, and we should certainly listen, but we need to be wise as snakes.

Penless Thoughts said...

When I was younger, in the 50's, the big scare was "over population". You never hear that one any more. It is just another trick of satan to get us hooked up with programs and worry and fear. My confidence is in My Lord and He has things perfectly under control and on His time schedule.

jazzycat said...

Scientists have had to revise findings throughout history.

thanks again for stopping by and that is a good point that Satan likes to use fear to promote his ungodly agenda.