Saturday, October 25

The Tyrannical Democratic Party Tactics

The Joe the plumber outrage:

The personal attacks on Joe the Plumber have been the worst example of political ethics I have ever seen in my lifetime. The man simply asked Barack Obama a question as Obama walked through his neighborhood. It was a valid question that Obama could have answered in a way that would not have revealed his Marxist leanings. The person and background of Joe the Plumber was totally irrelevant to the question and to Obama’s answer. If he had been the worst of criminals, it would not have changed the validity or importance of the question.

Yet in the grand ole style of democratic politics, the liberal media and many democratic operatives immediately sought to destroy the character of Joe the Plumber. This tactic served to distort and cloud the real issue, which was the question and Obama’s answer. It is the tactic of the politics of personal destruction that democrats and their allies have developed to an art form. It was successfully used on George Bush, and has been partially successful on Sarah Palin. At least Bush and Sarah Palin are in the political arena, but Joe the Plumber is just an average working American who asked a legitimate question of someone running for office. It is an outrage and makes an absolute joke out of the democrats claiming they want to bring people together. The truth is they want to eliminate dissent and bring everyone to accept their left-wing polices without question or opposition. The politics of personal destruction has been working very well for the Democratic Party and I see no reason they will change as long as enough people can be duped and manipulated by their outrageous tactics.

Unbelievable that the liberal media thinks the background of Joe the Plumber is important, but have no interest in checking into Obama’s connection with the radical Marxist terrorist Bill Ayers and racist former pastor Jeremiah Wright. It amazes me how they do not understand that people like me to not believe anything they report!

I for one will firmly oppose the left-wing Democratic Party agenda on day one if Obama is elected. My opinion of the Democratic Party cannot get any lower.



mark pierson said...

I share your outrage.

May the Lord grant His Church wisdom in dealing with, and living under, the godless rule of the Democratic party.

jazzycat said...

Thank you for taking a stand. I am certainly going to begin taking a firm stand on this subject.

While I disagree with the Dem's on a wide range of issues, their reaction of attacking an American citizen for asking a question is beyond contempt. Their massive failure in the human rights of the unborn is also beyond contempt.