Thursday, October 9

The real Obama problem with Bill Ayers

Obama’s claims that since he was eight years old when Bill Ayers was involved in terrorist activity. This is supposed to somehow make his very recent relationship with Ayers O.K. The problem with that is Bill Ayers became a terrorist because of extremely radical anti-American political views, and these political views of Ayers have not changed as he has said that he wished they had done more. He has even been photographed standing on a wadded up American flag to demonstrate his contempt for America as we all know and love it today. These things have happened after his relationship started with Obama and obviously Obama has not been eight years old for a long time. Thus, the 8 year old argument totally misses the mark as a defense for his Bill Ayers relationship.

The huge problem for Obama is what did an extreme left wing radical (Bill Ayers) see in Obama when he hosted an event in his home to launch Obama’s run for the state senate of Illinois? Are we to believe that Ayers was supporting someone who did not share his extreme left wing views? Are we to believe that Obama did not have a clue about the extreme leftist anti-American views of Ayers? Does the eight year old smoke screen help explain this connection? Obama also worked with Ayers and served on the same board of directors. Obama was chosen by Ayers to disburse money from a foundation to promote radical education policies. Does the ole eight year old argument when Ayers was engaged in criminal activity sanitize Obama’s relationship with a man who has not changed any of his radical anti-American Marxist views?Obama’s problem with Ayers does not have anything to do with being eight years old when Ayers was engaged in terrorism.

Obama’s problem with Ayers concerns his relationship when he was in his thirties and forties because Ayers is the same despicable anti-American now that he was forty years ago.


Shiloh Guy said...

Hey Wayne! It's been a long time! I'm finally settling in our new place and I'm trying to get back to some of my old friends. I've not been privy to what's gone on here in blogworld. I see you've been kind of hit and miss too!

Do I have a comment? The more I discover about Obama, the more worried I become. I never even heard of the guy two years ago. I remember the first time I heard his name on WGN radio out of Chicago. The announcer kept talking about Brock O'Bama and I figured he was just another Irish Chicago politician!

How can a guy who is 50% White and over 40% Arab run for office as an African-American? Check it out. I'm bothered by this deception and wish someone would make a public issue of it. If anything, he is an Arab-American!

jazzycat said...

Good to hear from you.
It is unbelievabe that Obama's record is horrible on human rights (abortion), voter fraud through working for and giving campaign contributions to ACORN, and close ties to a radical anti-American Marxist and former terrorist (Ayers). If that weren't bad enough he chose to be a part of church whose pastor was an anti-American racist. Oh, I forgot Tony Resko and that other radical Marxist Saul Alinsky.

But hey, he smiles a lot and can deliver a lights out speech.....