Thursday, October 4

The super duper Great Society!

The Jazzycat Institute for Guilt Free Mental Health is proud to announce the formation of the Jazzycat Institute for Advanced Governmental Resources Allocation. We are calling our new Institute JIAGRA for short. JIAGRA is the brain child of the liberal leaning partners of the Jazzycat Institute for Guilt Free Mental Health. Go to Best of Jazzycat in the right sidebar and click on Jazzycat Carbon Credits for more information on this mental health think tank.

After intensive study, the liberal partners determined that mental health was only part of what the whole person needed to cope in this post-modern secular culture. What good is mental health if a person does not have physical well-being as well? JIAGRA is the result of inspiration received when presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s idea for free health insurance and $5000.00 for every child born in the United States became news. JIAGRA simply took the Clinton idea to the next level. Thus, JIAGRA sought to devise ways that work, responsibility, effort, and the boring burdens of having to provide for oneself could be removed in our lifetime for the loyal activist special interest groups that have, for decades, faithfully petitioned for ever increasing government aid. We think good mental health would result from government provided benefits such as food, shelter, health care, personal transportation, and spending money and that the time has come when this brave new world can be implemented. Although the abilities and efforts of our citizens cannot be made equal, we can certainly insure that their outcomes can be equalized. After all, slothfulness should not sentence a person to a life of reduced prosperity.

JIAGRA’s ultimate goal is to make every day like a day at Disney World for every citizen. While many of the troublesome details have not been worked out, the following is the basic plan that has been inspired by the Clinton democratic party philosophy of a government that cares:

(1) One hundred thousand dollars for every child born in America.

(2) Children will become eligible to decide in the second grade whether or not they want to pursue a career in the work force or simply retire to a guarantee of all of the benefits previously mentioned.
Note: The second grade was chosen because of the following statement by John Edwards in a Democrat debate: “I don’t want to make that decision on behalf of my children,” he said. “I want my children to be able to make that decision on behalf of themselves, and I want them to be exposed to all the information, even in — did you say second grade?” While not talking about early retirement, the concept of 2nd graders making their own decisions was firmly established by this comment.

(3) Second graders that opt for retirement will only have to participate in the school activities of their choosing and no performance judgments such as grades will be allowed during their school career. While they will be free to come and go as they please during academic classes, they will be required to attend government approved films and assembly programs to enhance their socialization and multi-culture sensitivity.

(4) Second graders who choose to pursue selfish goals of achievement through learning will be allowed to take English, math, history, and science courses rather than music, film appreciation, conflict resolution, and tolerance appreciation. These ambitious and motivated students will someday serve the state by providing the necessary services in the fields of engineering, business, medicine, science, etc. However, the state will have to monitor these people very carefully because they have historically had many undesirable traits. History has shown them to be greedy, tax evading, goal setting, highly focused people that are intolerant of diversity and judgmental of alternative unproductive life styles. Their efforts are necessary for the state, but they must not be allowed to think that their hard work and productivity merits them any greater rewards or worth than those that choose retirement in the second grade.

How will this innovative plan be paid for? Creative taxation and requests for assistance from the U.N. will be the key to providing the funding for this bold new plan that insures fairness for all. Indeed this new plan has brought so much excitement to liberals everywhere that JIAGRA has named it the “super duper great society.”

WARNING: If you have high blood pressure, take heart medication and listen to Rush Limbaugh, please refrain from reading the fine print of this JIAGRA plan.


jazzycat said...

Folks, I will get back to Christian blogging soon. I just needed a little break to vent. I should ignore the political folly, but it sometimes gets a little past absurd...........

Anonymous said...

Jazzy, that was a scream!!! With JIAGRA, we can expand.

jazzycat said...

Yes, JIAGRA will just the jump start that a super duper great society needs.

mark pierson said...

Anger Management classes can't help me now.....Ooooh(rage coming to a boil)... This is almost as bad as dealing with Wilkinites!

jazzycat said...

Unfortunately, socialism is the what lies at the end of the road for all of these schemes that are proposed for the mere purpose of getting elected.

Who are Wilkinites?

mark pierson said...

GES, Hodges, Dillow, da Rosa......

jazzycat said...

Oh yeah. I forgot about the Wilkins guy.

Jim said...

That was quite creative Jazzy, and very plausible should we continue down the path we are on.

Anonymous said...

Please don't let Hillary read this.

Have you heard what's been going on with Rush the past week or so? Mentioning him on the Senate floor? Desiring to censure him? Accusing him of being on drugs? The whole "phony soldier" fiasco.

But it's hardly laughable when men with this stature and power desire to put a rating on political speech (as one politician suggested due to this Rush scenario).

Thankfully, it's showing their true colors and exposing their socialism, but they have a lot of people in the US fooled, methinks. And they have no idea how our enemies see right through them and use them (even citing their talking points - as Achmadinejad did - in their own speeches).

Thankfully, God's in control - no matter who comes to the White House next term. God is still sovereign. God is bigger than Hillary, no matter what she thinks.

I enjoy your political posts Jazzy. Have been considering doing one myself one of these days.

jazzycat said...

Jim and Susan,
Yes Susan many people are badly fooled. Capitalism has provided an over abundance of goods and services in America and many people believe that this over abundance would continue in a socialistic system. They have not considered that "free" health care will be worthless without enough doctors, hospitals, and equipment. Shortages and long waits are the inevitable result of socialism not only in health care, but everything else. Our country has forgotten that nothing is free in a temporal sense.

Many people think they can vote for goodies and stuff for themselves and there are plenty of liberal politicians manipulating them with propaganda to get their support and vote. With a willing media promoting this folly, people and politicians who know it will not work and oppose such schemes are labeled heartless, greedy, racist, etc. Then as in the recent Rush and O'Reilly situations, liberals attempt to personally destroy anyone who points out the lies and deceit in their stupid unworkable schemes. These dishonest socialist always resort to the same lie to pay for their schemes. They claim that all you have to do is tax the rich and big corporations more and more and their super duper folly can be paid for.
A third grade math education is all that is required to show that this is impossible.

Sadly, the one political party that opposes this stupidity has morphed into a bunch of cowering wimps with no stomach for fighting for the truth and warning people of the looming economic disaster if these polices are implemented.

However, we do have an eternal spiritual kingdom to set our hope and focus on. This is a great comfort to me.

jazzycat said...

Hot off the presses.........
More lunacy from Hillary:
WEBSTER CITY, Iowa (AP) - Every citizen could get a 401(k) retirement account and up to $1,000 in annual matching funds from the government under a plan offered Tuesday by Democratic presidential candidate Hillary
Rodham Clinton.