Wednesday, October 10

Where did the stuff come from?

The Bible begins with…. In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

Christians believe that an eternal God existing outside of time and space created the universe and everything in it. A supreme being (God) with unlimited power and knowledge is the cause of everything.

There is no supreme being and universe began with a big bang and everything that is simply evolved from this big bang event.

Evolution proponents make fun of anyone who even suggests that both animal and plant life on planet earth are the result of intelligent design. Unscientific they claim. They claim to have the proof in fossil records. They can carry you back for billions of years and make a case that time is all that is needed to explain all life on planet earth. However, they never want to go back any further than the big bang.

The big bang happened when a massive amount of matter/energy exploded setting an evolving universe into motion. Science has indeed through scientific methods discovered a lot of truth about the motion and physics of the universe. This is fascinating to consider, but when atheists claim that there is no supreme being (God) that created the universe, I must ask them the following question:

Where did the stuff come from?

If there ever were absolutely nothing, then there would still be absolutely nothing. Therefore, since there is something, then something must have always been. Something must be self-existent and eternal. The one choice is unintelligent matter/energy and the other choice is a supreme being (God). Both choices are hard for the human mind to understand. However, the choice that unintelligent matter/energy has always existed is nonsense.

Therefore, I invite all atheists, who are brilliant in taking us back to the big bang, to stop by and take us all the way back and tell us…………..

Where did the stuff of the big bang come from?

Until they can answer this, they have no foundation to stand on! They are asking us to believe in a theory that has a foundation of nonsense.


jazzycat said...

Evolution proponents ask us to believe that unintelligent matter is eternal and produced the universe with the aid of a lot of time. O.K. I am all ears, let them explain how something without intelligence has always been.

They have to explain that or either jump to the even more nonsensical belief that something came from nothing apart from a supreme being.

Anonymous said...

"The fool says in his heart 'there is no God.'" - Psalm 14:1a

And what about anomalies that go against natural law? Venus is strange also in that it spins in the opposite direction to Earth and most of the other planets. Uranus' axis of rotation lies on its side with respect to the plane of the solar system. Also, I have heard that one of the planets in our solar system has moons that orbit in the same direction except for one moon, which orbits in the opposite direction of the others.

Intelligent design? Superior intelligent design.

I like what a pastor once told our congregation. When you pass by a brick house, do you assume that a brick factory must have exploded?

Jim said...

Evolution is simply the result of rejecting God and His irrefutable laws.

Believing a lie is nothing new, man has been doing it since the garden.

God bless,

jazzycat said...

Suan and Jim,
Thanks for the good points....

Anonymous said...

No Bodies going to make a monkey out of me!!!

lorenzothellama said...

Does this actually matter? Is it really important?

Maalie said...

You are all guilty of arguing from personal incredulity, which is no argument at all. You don't believe it because you don't WANT to believe it because it would undermine your comfortable delusion.

I respectfully suggest you start reading some mainstream biological/geological text books and going to some reputable natural history museums and start to consider the evidence instead of resorting to the ridiculous mis-information put about by the deniers.

Maalie said...

> Believing a lie is nothing new, man has been doing it since the garden.

You mean the garden with the talking snake? LOL!

I prefer to make my judgements on evidence.

Maalie said...

> Until they can answer this, they have no foundation to stand on! They are asking us to believe in a theory that has a foundation of nonsense.

No, it's not a foundation of nonsense at all. The worst you could say is a foundation of uncertainty. Knowledge evolves and unfolds. Remember that when the bible was written it was thought that a bat is a bird (the word of god, eh?).

jazzycat said...

I will take your last comment as an admission that you do not have a clue in how to explain the "uncaused cause."

Science and the Bible agree that the universe had a beginning. Do you not even have a guess as how that happened absent an intelligent being? If you have no theory or no idea, then how can you label theism as irrational?

You claim science and evidence as your friend, yet scientific positions are constantly changing. From the big bang to the expanding universe, science reloads. Just because micro-evolution can be shown, does not mean the delusion (your word) of macroevolution can be proved........

Give it your best shot and tell us where the stuff came from!

jazzycat said...

I think it does matter. Christianity is based on historical evidence, scientific evidence, and the proof of fulfilled prophecy as well as faith.