Saturday, July 21

Susan tagged me with five questions.....

1. If you could own your own business, what would it be?

Microsoft, Wal-Mart, etc. I would like to have the resources (wealth) to support the ministries and causes I like in a very effective way. Most of what I would support would meet the “Jesus test” about the world when he said if they hate me they will hate you as well. A lot of organizations that the ‘religious left’ and the ‘secular left’ dislike would receive my support. I would very carefully insure that liberal organizations or thinking would have no access to what I supported. O.K. One exception might be giving the football team at Miss. State Univ. so much money that they couldn’t help but be winners again.

2. What was the best job you ever had?

Flying airplanes without a doubt. Wonderful views of God’s glory and I loved the merging of the human mind with the controls (stick & power) of the airplane. Formation flying was my favorite (see photo above) and I absolutely loved the views.

3. What was the best book other than the Bible you have read?

Christian - “Reformed Doctrine of Predestination”. Novel – “The Godfather”

4. If you could interview anyone other than Jesus – alive or dead – who would you interview?

Tie between John and Paul. Slight edge to John because he knew Jesus well.

5. What are your views on eschatology? No? Okay, how’s about if you had time and resources to write a book on any area of theology, what would it be?

It’s not over till it’s over and I believe when Jesus returns it will be over. We will immediately be ushered into the judgment and eternal state. That dispensational stuff makes no sense to me.

I do have the time to write a book on theology, but I realize my limitations in training and knowledge of theology so I prefer to write basic easy to read devotionals illustrated with photos (I have only been a Christian 11 years). My interests are primarily the New Testament, Jesus, and soteriology.


Anonymous said...

Fascinating answers!
And *stellar* photography!
I didn't know you flew planes! Do you still? That's wonderful! (My dad does too - he learned in his 60s; doesn't fly anymore though. I went up with him twice - the last time he forgot to put the wheels down while landing - remembered at the last minute though! I guess that's a disadvantage to learning later in life!)
So what was your specific job - for whom doing exactly what? Iow, why were you flying planes?
Also, I like your answer as well re: tie b/ween John and Paul.
Something about John's writings lean me toward him as well. His heart perhaps - his resting on Jesus' chest - his use of language in his gospel.
Great answers!
Thanks for playing!

Penless Thoughts said...

Loved this read Jazzy!

jazzycat said...

Susan and Susan,
Thanks. I flew in the Air Force and also the Air National Guard. I flew cargo missions and military people across the Atlantic to Europe and the Pacific to Asia as well as missions in the States. I have not done it in a long time....

Anonymous said...

Wow, Wayne!
You must have met a *lot* of interesting people doing that.
Air Force and Air National Guard?
God bless you for your service.

Anonymous said...

Echoing Susan's sentiments, God bless you and thank you for your service to our country, Wayne.

May I ask who the author is of the Predestination book? I certainly respect your judgment, so I might pick it up. I'll just add it to the 10 Piper books that are on order thru the website sale. :)

jazzycat said...

Thanks. The author is Loraine Boettner.

Thanks. Your avatars are getting better each time. This one is really neat.

Anonymous said...

Loraine Boettner wrote "The Godfather"?
Who knew?

Actually, I've only read snippets of Boettner on the web (all of with which I have agreed), but have heard many good things about his writings.