Wednesday, July 25

Peace and Joy with the LORD

On a recent trip down the Natchez Trace from Nashville, my wife and I stopped at one of many scenic and historic sites. This stop was the Buffalo River in southern Tennessee and we ran into a family with two young boys swimming and playing in the river. There was no one else there but us for a short time to snap a few photos. They were swinging on a rope, as their parents watched, and I wondered if they could have possibly had any more fun at some expensive crowded theme park. The boys were having a great time and I heard the youngest one tell his parents that he wanted to stay there forever. I wonder how many children tell their parents they want to stay at six flags FOREVER. Although it is a cliché, it is true that the best things in life are free and this swim on the Buffalo River did not cost this family anything.

There is no greater joy than to slow down and enjoy the beauty and glory of God’s magnificent creation. What a joy it is to contemplate the joy and peace that FOREVER with the LORD will be like.

Do you think it will be more like the scene above or more like Six Flags over thus and such?


jazzycat said...

My love for photography and viewing the beauty of God's creation obviously go well together. I never get over how God's providence gives me such great photos with very little effort on my part. The sunflower below was taken on the same day. The beauty of creation is amazing. There is God's glory and beauty everywhere.

donsands said...

I think it can be both. I went to the Washington DC Zoo last week with my wife, daughter, and grandsons. It was such a great time, because of who I was with.

Last night we all had dinner at my house, and the boys played in the back yard on the swings. It was a great time as well.

BTW, your photos are always a pleasant addition to your posts. Keep 'um comin'.

BTW again, I heard that a girl at the Six Flags in MD had her feet severed on one of the rides. Very tragic.

Anonymous said...

When I saw this photo and read your post, the thought that came to my mind immediate was "this place."

I have several great memories doing exactly this with my son - canoeing, camping and stopping at spots along the way to swing into the river.

My husband and I made a trip to Raleigh once and on the way back to Florida, we stopped at a wayside town built near a river. I'll never forget getting ice cream cones and walking to the river to dip our feet in. No one else around or if there were, we never noticed them. It was a place that, like the boy, I really didn't care to leave any time soon.

Either way it will be, I know for sure and for certain we will enjoy the Lord forever.