Monday, May 7

Romans 1:22-23 (First, the bad news)

Romans 1:22-23 Claiming to be wise, they became fools, and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images resembling mortal man and birds and animals and reptiles.

Throughout the history of mankind there have been spiritual leaders and other leaders that have claimed to be wise and possess knowledge of metaphysical truth. However, instead of being wise they became fools and exchanged God’s glory as revealed in nature for images of created things. Rather than develop a reverence for an obvious all-powerful creator God, they relied on their imagination to create their own gods that suited their needs. While Paul was referring to man’s response to general revelation alone, nothing has changed with the addition of special revelation and the testimony of a savior. Many still rely on their imagination instead of biblical revelation.

Highly educated “self-proclaimed Christian scholars” routinely deny the deity of Christ, the physical resurrection of Christ, Christ’s atonement for sin, biblical creation, and most of the events and miracles of biblical revelation. They claim to be wise and have exchanged spiritual salvation through Christ for a temporal worldly works oriented social gospel. They affirm that all of man’s attempts to “get in touch with the sacred” are equally valid. They have adopted a secular liberal post-modern politically correct world-view and make biblical truth conform to this view. They have rejected, reinterpreted, and revised Scripture that does not fit their world-view and have emphasized and focused on the Scripture they are comfortable with. They affirm that killing partially born babies should be legal, yet think capital punishment for murderers should be illegal. They proclaim Jesus Christ as a great moral and ethical teacher, but are ashamed of the cross of Calvary. They are critical of economic freedom and would like to exchange it for the tyranny of socialism. The world praises them and is very comfortable with their social activism, which makes them safe from persecution or criticism. They are not only claiming to be wise, but they are claiming to be the true church as opposed to those they label as conservative, hateful, bible believing Christians. Although the best of Christian Churches are comprised of sinners and have some doctrinal error, these teachers, that deny basic tenants of the Christian faith, have become fools and are little more than advocates and activists for the prince of this world.

Praise God that his true Church, through his sovereign providence, will prevail against all foes and the gates of hell will not stand against her. Let us pray that those that have been negatively influenced by their secular humanist education will come to rely on the entire counsel of God as revealed in the Holy Bible. This biblical truth contains a foundation for a Christian world-view that is as solid as rock and is based on absolute truth rather than the shifting sands of secular humanism.


Craver Vii said...

That picture of the totem pole reminds me of a talk that I heard from Al Mohler on Isaiah 44. Good stuff, Man!

Bluecollar said...

"these teachers, that deny basic tenants of the Christian faith, have become fools and are little more than advocates and activists for the prince of this world."

Spurgeon fought their ancestors in The Down Grade Controversy; Machen fought them in the early half of the 20th Century - liberal theologens, they still exist, and now we see the outcome of their theology.

Liberal Theology, say hello to Socialism.

donsands said...

Very well said.
That's nailing it down. Man loves religion, when it complements the other things going on in his life.

I remember seeing a Jacques Cousteau special once where he was filming a tribe that worshipped crocodiles, and they would use razor's to slice hundreds of wounds on their backs, and then allow them to heal in such a way that their backs would resemble a croc. Excruciatingly painful this procedure was.

As a Christain I would have loved to preach the gospel to this people group, so that they could become worshippers of God, and they would also be set free from slicing their backs up.
But the world sees it as interesting and nice.

Exist~Dissolve said...

Liberal Theology, say hello to Socialism.

As opposed to what? Capitalism? Both are equally corrupt and equally destructive.

jazzycat said...

Craver, Mark, and Don,

In a world where the sin nature of man rules there will be corruption in any system, but to say that the economic freedom of capitalism is equally destructive with the tyranny of socialism is a huge error.

Exist~Dissolve said... say that the economic freedom of capitalism is equally destructive with the tyranny of socialism is a huge error.

Economic "freedom?" Spoken like a true capatilist... What of the millions upon whose backs yours and my economic "freedom" are built?

Obviously, it is convenient to ignore that necessary aspect of capitalism...however, that it is ignored does not mean that it is not true.

jazzycat said...

In capitalism those whose ("backs" your words) do the work reap benefits. Plus they have the freedom to go out and engage in economic freedom.

In socialism tyranny results, goods and services dry up and only the corrupt ruling class have any prosperity.

Paraphrasing from former Senator Gramm of Texas, Socialistic policies always results in too many people wanting to ride in the wagon and not enough people pushing the wagon. Perhaps this is what caused the recent election results in France.

Anonymous said...

Amen Jazzy Cat. Amen.

Wayne, I'm always uplifted when I read your posts. I'll say it again - you have a unique ability to put forth the truth of God's word and leave your reader with the hope that is found in no one but Christ.

jazzycat said...

Thank you.