Saturday, May 17

Green guilt my foot!

U.S. Today reported in a survey that the percentage of people suffering from "green guilt" has risen from 20% to 22% in the last year. It is incredible that so many people can be manipulated by activists and the agenda based media. Here it is May 17 and I have my heat on in the southern part of Mississippi. This has been the coolest spring I can remember since at least the seventies when they were warning of the coming ice age. Yet not only have 22% of the American people bought into this hogwash, they actually feel guilty about their carbon footprint. As a proud member of the 78% let me say that I have no guilt for my carbon footprint. When I see Al Gore and the other celebrities reduce their carbon footprint to my level, I will still not feel guilty for the global warming hysteria farce, but I will promise to moderate the total disdain and contempt that I now view these people. I have a suggestion for the 22% that feel guilty! Turn off you air conditioners and show us some action instead of wringing your hands and just talking the talk. Walk the walk. However, don’t expect me to be walking with you on your journey to Kooksville.


mark pierson said...

I wear layered clothing in the house - no furnace.

I love sweat and heatstroke instead of airconditioning.

I ride a bike instead of a car.

I eat veggies instead of meat (less gas, if you get my drift)

There is a windmill in my backyard...

Nope, none of that green scare for me!

jazzycat said...

I hope your windmill has a screen guard to protect birds and insects from accidentally being killed. PETA gets real upset for unguarded windmills and wind turbines....... We would not want to upset them!

mark pierson said...

I do have a screen guard. However I have noticed a few dead gnats... I shutter to think that my windmill had caused their demise...Oh dear, tell me it ain't so!