Friday, July 21

Signs are inevitable

A free grace advocate on another blog has stated the following:

I serve Christ:

1. Out of obedience.
2. Out of gratitude.
3. To gain heavenly rewards, including the right to participate in Christ's heavenly government.
4. To avoid suffering chastening.

This is very interesting because the free grace view asserts that saving faith in some people will not produce any works or motivate a person to any action or service to the Kingdom of God. Yet this person is admitting that he has been motivated and even lists the reasons. I would like to consider reasons one and two in this post.

Why was he motivated due to reasons one and two, and why are others (the free grace carnal Christian) not so motivated? Is he smarter? Is he a better more loving person? Did God do a more thorough work in him? Why would one person with true faith do works and another do absolutely nothing?

It is understandable that Christians will have varying degrees of works or deeds. This is pointed out in the parable of the four soils where only one of the four soils produced true Christians and that soil produced Christians that produced fruit of varying amounts. I should point out that the free grace view of that parable asserts that three of the four soils produced true Christians. However, to go from varying degrees of Christian action to none whatsoever is a great leap.

For example, I am sure that fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers show varying degrees of interest, devotion, time, money, etc. in following their team. However, can you imagine someone claiming to be a Steeler fan and yet having no interest in the team’s record, or going to games, or watching them play on T.V., or reading about them, etc?

The truth is that a real fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers will inevitably show signs of being a fan. It will just result from being a true fan. I also think that a true Christian will inevitably show signs of his true saving faith. Therefore, this free grace advocate is simply showing the signs that he indeed does have a true saving faith. Sanctification happens!

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bluecollar said...

I look at the Great Commission and notice the stress on obedience to Christ, being His disciple. Then I notice that Paul has much to say about Chrisyians becoming Christ like. Passages like Ephesaians 4:11-16, and Galatians 4:19 come to mind. Also, consider 2 Cor. 3:18, Rom. 8:29.

Put it all together and I conclude:

1)Discipleship, sanctification and Christ-likeness are one and the same.

2)We are saved with God having in view that we be conformed into the image of His Son, both now in the ongoing sanctification process, and when we are transformed when we meet Him in the air.

3) Assurance of salvation comes legitimately to those who grasp hold of His exceeding great and precious promises, whereby we may be partakers of the divine nature. See 2 Peter 1:2-11.

We are justified the very instant we trust in Christ. In God's view that is eternally so. We are justified BEFORE the very first act of obedience or good work issues forth from our lives. But God has a plan - writing His laws on our hearts and minds, and puting His Spirit within to move us to walk in His ways.

In effect, He wishes to have the image of His Son on individual Christians, and in so doing the entire church.

The contrast between that system and ours is-

The end of their system is assurance of salvation.

The end of ours is Christ-likeness - Glorification when Christ takes us home.

Question: Why did Paul list the most important pusuit of His life as Knowing Christ and being like Him? See Phil. 3:7-17.